• GIS Consulting
  • GIS analyses
  • Geodata acquisition
  • Open source GIS
  • 3D visualisation

With our long-term experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as well as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) we are in the position to offer GIS services for various issues, needs and requirements.

Besides the wide product range of the ESRI company we use Open Source GIS (QGIS, etc.), supported by the R3 GIS company.

GIS Consulting

  • Planning and implementation of GIS and databases for companies
  • GIS project management
  • Support and training


  • Spatial analyses
  • Visibility analyses
  • Terrain information (elevation models, laser scans, inclination, exposure, etc.)


  • Acquisition of snow-making facilities (cable, pipes, pits, bulidings, etc.)
  • Digitalisation and vectorisation
  • Processing of digital survey data (CAD or GIS)
  • Data migration

3D Visualisation

Comprehensive three-dimensional visualisations based on various data sources: inventory, future plans, visions, and information.

Using 3D computer models, 3D animations and 3D views can be generated.