skiGIS ist Ihre umfangreiche Lösung für eine integrierte Verwaltung aller Informationen rund um Ihr Skigebiet.


  • Geoinformation and managment systems tailored for ski resorts
  • No installation required
  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Managment tool
  • Planning tool
  • All information available at the push of a button

skiGIS was developed in cooperation with our South Tyrolean long-time partner R3-GIS based on the needs and requirements of our ropeway clients. As an online application there is no need for installation, all data is available online at any time and everywhere. skiGIS manages all information about the ski resort, including location, data about properties and their owners, documents, pictures, maintenance works, shedule management and so on. Furthermore it is an outstanding and easy to use planning instrument because of its drawing and measuring tools.

Advantages for your ski resort, general and executive managers:

  • Simple drafting of preliminary projects and studies
  • All information about properties and owners available
  • Immediate availability of the complete information on servitudes
  • Complete facility data available at the „push of a button“ and easy to administer
  • Immediate availability of the location an general information about the snow-making facilities
  • All tasks available at a glance
  • Document management
  • Damage prevention of cables and conduits
  • Assistance in documenting avalanche blasting and ski accidents
  • etc.

You require further information?
Please visit our skiGIS homepage: or send us a message.

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